What Is MIS?

Minimalism In Singapore (MIS) is about living with intent.

What is the point of living?

Why do people with less stuff seem more content?

How can we smile and laugh while living on less?

After 3 years, I am proud to say that our Facebook group (Minimalism in Singapore) is a small yet flourishing community that provides some answers to these questions. If you are a fellow Singaporean minimalist, do drop by our Facebook Community and Like our Facebook Page!

What can you expect from our Facebook page?

Mini challenges, blog features and an assortment of thought provoking or life hacks for anyone who needs tips geared towards a minimalist lifestyle in Singapore.

What can you expect from our Facebook Community?

It’s closed community thus ensuring no spammers. I edit and update content that is easy to reference to for any minimalist in Singapore.

A well curated website

I’m slowly but surely building a curated website with only the most relevant posts on how to live a practical minimalist life in Singapore. All musings and personal journeys will be documented on my wordpress account.