About Me


Hi! I’m Joan –  a 20-something millennial.

Why Did I Choose To Be a Minimalist?

Minimalism is usually described as a tool for you have room for more focus for the important things in life. Less stuff to worry about, more time for relationships. Less parties that you hate, more time for healthy living. 

It’s all about the plus and minuses in life and we want more pluses than minuses.

For example, I only have 50 pieces of clothes. 5 of them are shoes for different occasions. They are all used on a monthly to daily basis. They all match each other. My pluses? More cash and less decisions to make daily. My minus? Perhaps a wardrobe that can be slightly boring.

Things that resemble my current life:

Goal in Life: To live a simple and meaningful life and for my loved ones to do the same.

(Yes, I only have 1 goal)

I was a full time tutor when I first embarked on minimalism. In my spare time, I would rescue animals, hit the gym and read blogs that preached about financial independence. Feeling burnt out and setting high goals of financial independence, I felt that there was more to life than the pursuit of money. In fact, I wanted life to be simpler yet more productive. That goal has since lead me down the road of minimalism to live a simpler yet more meaningful life.

Being a minimalist meant less time shopping and more time to work on my health, volunteer and learn. I’ve made huge mistakes in my early 20s that lead to intense life lessons. This includes personal boundaries, emotional maturity and a clearer vision in life.

Things I did:

I graduated with 2 degrees from the University at Buffalo, NY in 2012.

Degree 1: BSc Business Administration; Marketing Concentration

Degree 2: BA in Psychology

Award: Cum Laude

Things that the news oversells:

Entrepreneurship is easy – No it is not. It allows you to be flexible in building a system around how and where you want to work but that’s about it. You need to hustle and you need to know what you want to learn for your career goals. No vision, no destination.

Avocado toasts and hipster lattes- Kopi C Kosong Peng please.




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