The Grass Won’t Be Greener On Either Side.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

That is the voice of reason that has been a splinter in the back of our minds, constantly shoved aside in our pursuit of better.

Our pursuit of better, better known as that endless treadmill towards your next high.

“The only time you look in your neighbor’s bowl is to make sure that they have enough.” – C.K Louis

To think that minimalism cures you of that is glaringly wrong. Minimalism constantly pushes you to declutter, repurpose and minimize your spending. Even if you try to escape the dogma of minimalist gurus, you will still come face to face with their content.

Minimalism pushes you to find your next challenge, but challenges always mean peering over that unspoken fence to hit another goal. Goals are great, but not when you think life will be greener on the other side. Goals should push you into your depths of finding your abilities and talents, not spiral you into chasing unrequited happiness. The grass on your lawn won’t be greener to you, no matter how you tend to it. Why? Because you are numb to the micro growth you invest in yourself daily. You only notice green grass when you’ve not seen it over a long period of time. That pretty lawn tour neighbour has was not grown in a day, nor does it look green to him.

We are trained to see the bullshit under our work and the fruits of labour of others.

So why chase comparisons? It’s pointless trying to beat your own subconscious.

Compare and you cease to water your lawn.

Compare and you cease to want to grow for you.

Compare and you will never get off that treadmill.


Focus, and head towards your goals.

Focus, and use your purpose to re evaluate your actions.Focus, and let your values align.

Focus, and do less.

Focus, and be yourself.

Focus, because green is not the only shade healthy grass comes in.

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