Become A Minimalist Strategist in 60 seconds.

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“This is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time” – Fight Club

The scene of another human being flicking through smart screens as we impatiently wait for our coffee pods to be done is rehearsed on a daily basis. We no longer live in a world of cultivating focus, but living with an addictive focus for more.

We are in the age of excess information.

We are consuming information like a glut, while stuffing our cheeks with the latest rainbow cakes, raindrop jellies and artisan coffees to sound cool, to look cool and to die cool.

We are also in the age of social currency.

Did you know that Miss Parisian Chic is a fake illusion sold to masses? She still inspires you and me to purchase a shabby apartment in Paris, only to be extremely disappointed with that idealistic daydream when you visit Paris. The scarcity is no longer tangible. The scarcity is now in the cool factor of you. YOU and YOU.

Cliques everywhere!

What has this got to do with being a minimalist?

Information + Social Currency = You Need Roots.

Your early life model tends to look like this:

Ages 0–20: You live for school and parents

Ages 20–30: Reality hits. You realize you need to do shit with your life.

How do you do shit with your life? Understand that all you can EVER leave behind is not a million bucks, but your reputation.

After 20 years of living, whatever experiences have you gone through will shape you. The shittier the experiences, the more you all grow. After all, more shit, better plants.

From those experiences, answer these questions:

  1. What does my future self look like?
  2. What skill sets do they have?
  3. Who are these people in the world who have already achieved it?
  4. How did they get that way?
  5. From that ideal version of myself, what am I good at now?
  6. What am I bad at now?
  7. What career options do I want to explore?
  8. What skills do I have to help me get there?
  9. What are the values I hold true to?
  10. What are the things in life I value?
  11. What are the things in life I hate/dislike?
  12. Who are the people that matter to me?
  13. How can I show that I appreciate them?
  14. How can I do things that they can see that I appreciate them?
  15. How can I destress?
  16. What do I enjoy when I destress?
  17. If they are bad habits – how can I change them into good ones?
  18. Do I have friends who would support me to be a better version of myself?
  19. Do I understand why I want to be that version of myself?
  20. How can I keep on getting support to reach my goals?

These are 20 important questions to get you started to planning your next level in life.

I do this on a bi-monthly basis. I cannot promise you a photocopied version of your millionaire status self. But, I can promise you that you will understand what it means to live on your own terms.

People are constantly on the search of a happiness in others, in things, in all kinds of illusions. It is okay to search for these illusions if they serve a purpose to build you up as a person while giving out more value to the rest of your tribe.

But if you have been living a day to day life…..learn to be the strategist of your life.

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