Minimalism Isn’t About Sipping Tea and Writing Blogs


The Minimalist Lifestyle has been repeatedly marketed and sold as the life where you sit by a calm body of water, sipping on your favourite hot, locally sourced beverage and writing stuff on your laptop. Oh, don’t forget the locally crafted cheap guitar to keep both your creative juices and the product cycle of your neighbourhood guitar shop alive.

Unfortunately, it is none of all that and it bought us into the micro-gig industry. The micro-gig industry was then romanticized as the laptop lifestyle. Work from anywhere with a WIFI connection and get money banked into your bank account. Sounds cool, but in reality, it’s not.

Here’s what a minimalist career looks like:

  1. An Office Location
  2. MNC hires you
  3. You sit at your desk
  4. Collect your paycheck monthly

Hey, wait a minute. That was what the minimalist lifestyle SHUNNED.

Heck yes, it shunned corporate jobs and greed and all the other negative associations of our capitalistic world. Unfortunately, it is the most minimalist career because you had one role to play – your job. You did not have to find leads, do the marketing, do ads and report insights all on your own. You just did your role.

Okay, so you feel slightly scammed. You wanted a better career, a more relaxed lifestyle and time. Loads of time.

Time is great, but so is something to fill your time with. If you are stuck in limbo – choosing between going back to a job or continue with your freelancing lifestyle. I’d say – do both.

“But……isn’t both even LESS minimalist of you and I’d have less time?”

In this day and age, everyone needs something called a personal brand. A personal brand is the minimum anyone should do and built for themselves. Get a job or a few leads, generate income and keep on building your personal brand.

A personal brand will destroy your old self through and through. But it will bring you rebirth. If you feel that you are stuck at a dead end, ashamed of attending family and social gatherings and feel like a complete failure. Read on. I was in your shoes just about 2.5 years ago.

Why you need to brand yourself and this is how things will uplift your life (according to me, experimenting on me):

  1. Stop writing CVs that do not work.
  2. Your brand anchors down your values
  3. Your values define your self worth
  4. Your self worth defines your relationships
  5. Your relationships bring you self love
  6. Self love brings you self confidence
  7. You start to build up your strengths (your niche)
  8. You attract people who can cover your weaknesses
  9. You get both job offers and start up partnerships

If you told me, 2 years ago, that I would be someone who was leading a Facebook Group of Minimalist Enthusiasts that grew organically through owned and earned media to 600++ and counting, I’d call you mad.

If you told me that my blog would be getting read and responses within a day of posting my articles, I’d blush.

Minimalism is not about sipping tea, blogging and playing a guitar. Minimalism is about paring down to the “good stuff” inside yourself, promoting it and attracting people to you. That’s true authenticity. That’s what most people seek to find and promote. However, without discarding the excess, the “good stuff” can’t emerge.

Minimalism is not about sipping locally sourced hipster coffee. Minimalism is however, about sipping from the very depths of your soul.

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One thought on “Minimalism Isn’t About Sipping Tea and Writing Blogs

  1. Agree with everything, you still need to work, I would say if your ok for your income to drop as your spending less then part time job is an option, also making sure you do what you actually love doing, I went from running a business full time to know working in the business one day a week but now I’m looking into environmental science as I think it’s something I’d love doing and also I’d be helping to make our world a better place 🙂


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