5 Places Anyone Can Introvert In The Heart of Singapore


photo credit: esplanade

Everyone loves free shit.

However, it’s always rare to find a spot that you can chill at that is free and free from people. Being an introvert by nature, I love going to places that is free of charge and also very date-friendly. Introvert-ing for two? Sign me up.

Singapore may be expensive, crowded and always on an adrenaline high. This is even more intense in the city center of our little island. However, if you look closely enough, she does have a serene spots at the heart of all the action.

Pre-date Prep.

Do note that Singapore can be very temperamental when it comes to weather. We have tropical rainstorms and monsoon season.

A typical Singaporean’s bag will almost always include:

  • A small foldable umbrella (These are usually available from SGD7.90 onwards in your local supermarket)
  • A water tumbler (I prefer a flask so that I can bring hot tea out on cold rainy days)

These two items are a sure bet when it comes down to saving a few dollars on buying drinks and making your way to shelter if it happens to rain cats and dogs within seconds.

Almost Ready

The places I am about to list are mostly at the mercy of our temperamental weather gods and some areas may have overpriced vendors for drinks. So be prepared before you head to these places and bring your umbrella and water tumblers.

Perfect Date Attire

  • Tank top/ cotton tee shirt
  • Shorts
  • Flats

Getting There

We love our BMWs.




Additionally, you can get a bicycle for cheap with one of our shared bicycle app services such as ofo and mobike.

Super Awesome Chilled Out Places In The City Center (that are also free of charge)

  1. Nature Reserves 
  2. National Libraries (My favourite is definitely library@orchard for the amazing collections of everything readable)
  3. Marina Barrage (Bring your picnic baskets and be prepared to be surrounded by young couples or screaming children on weekends)
  4. The Esplanade (To encourage appreciation of the arts, the esplanade hosts a multitude of chilled out arts and music events every week at the Theaters by the Bay. For a spectacular view of the city and marina bay, make your way up to the roof top garden.)
  5. Singapore Botanical Gardens (If you feel that Gardens By The Bay is a huge rip off, check out the original gardens of Singapore with their free guides for your own leisure tour without the fuss. What I love about SBG is that they do have jazz music festivals and orchestras playing on the weekends where you get to chill with picnic food and wine.)

Singapore can be a place where going on dates (alone or with another) is a hassle without many cheap or free options. This is needless to say if you happen to want to chill out in the middle of the city. With a 5.61 million population and counting within 719.9 km² – that’s 7909 people per square kilometer.

With a bit of creativity and compromise, chilling out at these free spots with cheap local fare and a few drinks from the super market, friendship bonds and dates usually goes much better than expected. With good food and good company, the place of congregation comes secondary.

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3 thoughts on “5 Places Anyone Can Introvert In The Heart of Singapore

  1. Kopitiam and tuktuk cha, as well as hawker center cafes, are cheaper options that I’ve discovered. And I’m definitely with you on libraries, there are lots and lots of libraries to explore, but their annual fee let me down. So currently I just occasionally go and browse without borrowing. Any other suggestions for cheap cafes?


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