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The above statement was posed to me on Quora this morning.

I’ve decided to share it here as I’ve given her a 3 step system to get her life in order. The second reason is that I was struggling with this the past 2 years. Pursuing things that did not resonate with me and wasting my minutes away.

Without further ado, this was my response.

Hey Carissa, thanks for your A2A. Your question was what I was asking myself in Dec 2017 for my goals in 2018.

Your main concern now is “The More Important Things in life…”

Are you highly systematic and love lists? Because I do and this is how I do it in 3 “not so easy to really do them” steps.

Step 1: Identify the 7 areas in life.

Draw this wheel and rate how much energy you’ve put into each sector. The less energy you’ve put in so far, the closer the line would be to the center of the circle. At this stage, we are evaluating how balanced your life is.

Takeaway: The more uneven our wheel of life is, the less self mastery we have to stay calm and composed in times of uncertainty.

Step 2: Start a Bullet Journal.

I was a huge skeptic on such methods, mainly because I see people scrawling pictures all over them like they’re a giant art and craft scrapbook…….until I watched this video.

I use Trello to keep track of my system to walk towards each goal I have placed for each area of life (see step 1).


I currently use my Google Calendar for planning EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of my daily activity. Trello syncs your calendar to certain due dates as well so there are reminders for everything you want to set for.

My daily activities are dictated by my system on reaching the ONE GOAL per sector so that I do not waste time on things that do not walk me nearer towards achieving my goals.

Takeaway: You always have 7 BIG GOALS per year, make every minute count. Time is your only asset that you cannot earn back.

Step 3: Focus on Systems and not Goals.

Learn the system from others who have reached that goal.

Want to create a timeless capsule wardrobe?

  • Know your style
  • Know what you need to replace
  • Write a list of what you should have in your ideal wardrobe
  • Write a list of what you have now that can be part of your ideal wardrobe
  • Know your budget
  • Choose carefully per purchase to add to your wardrobe.

I would not recommend buying all your clothes at once because you may regret certain pieces as the months go by and life takes unexpected changes.

Want to focus more on work?

  • Write down your career goals
  • Write down why you need to reach those goals
  • Bullet Journal your To Do list into time slots to get things done.
  • Install a simple timer on your chrome extension
  • Use 30 mins for bursts of work and intense focus
  • Use 5 mins for breaks



I hope this helps in planning life more efficiently and deliberately.



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