7 Minimalist Hacks In Singapore

Singapore may have won “first prize” for being the most expensive city to live in for four years in a row, but that does not stop savvy Singaporeans from life hacking their way through this City Habitat. This short entry is bound to delight the extreme minimalist, a zero waste minimalist or someone who just practices the minimalist lifestyle casually.

These 7 hacks are my personal favourite hacks and they are suitable for both locals and tourists who wish to cut some corners (legally).

Lost and Found Hack

Yes! Many wallets, purses and other lost and found items have been returned to their rightful owners by our own SingPost. Just pop the item into the mail box and Singpost would do their best to get them home.

It’s nice to know that you can be kind, conveniently.

Water Cooler Hack

I love bring a small water tumbler out with me at all times, thus I have a vacuum flask with a cover that I can use as a cup. Water fanatics can always refill their water tumblers at tourist attractions, our local libraries, water stations at nursing stations in the mall, community centers and the airport.

I do this to escape being charged for tap water and beat the heat.

Free Phone Charging Stations Hack

If you’re always on the phone answering important emails, whatsapp messages or are using a really old phone with a short battery life, don’t fret. Singapore has plenty of phone charging hot spots. These areas include restaurants, cafes, malls and the airport. Read about the specific places here.

This is why I almost always carry my phone charger in my bag.

Discount for Food Hack

My favourite hack of all because most Singaporeans are foodies. This applies to mainly restaurants and cafes.

Download Eatigo and get access to discounts from areas near you or perfect for various occasions from romantic dates to large family affairs. The best the time is at 3.30pm during the off peak traffic lull. No reservation charges will be made to you.


UBER is great for London, but not so much for Singapore if you are looking for cheap rides but want to escape the exorbitant prices of taxis. In fact, UBER is facing massive competition in the ASEAN market due to local apps that offer larger discounts.

Our local favourite is Grab (To get $8 off your first ride, use my referral Code: joan22002).

Skip The Tourist Bullshit Hack

Singapore has a vibrant scene of our own, only if you know where to look for it. I’d recommend downloading apps like EventBrite, Peatix, or follow pages like Funzing Singapore.

Alternatively, make use of our super convenient MRT system , Public Buses or rent our ofobikes or obikes and cycle around Singapore.

Chinatown, Little India and “Little Thailand” Hackathon.

All my peers who travel to Singapore frequently from UK, Canada and USA all rush to these three places within 24 hours of reaching the airport.

These 3 locations are known to locals as the holy grail of bargains. Sure, we have places like Bugis and heartland malls for cheaper alternatives, but these locations are great for good food and good prices.

Chinatown is famous for its night markets, Chinatown Point and Chinatown Complex. Prices are cheap, food is good, products are reasonably priced. The array of chinese cuisine available baffles me as well. It’s almost like a buffet from almost all regions of China.

Little India is known for the current alcohol curfews.

However, Mustafa Center is definitely the way to go if you’re low on organic food, dry goods, snacks, cosmetics etc and the abundance of good food in the nearby vicinity – 24 hours a day. Needless to say, if you love Indian food, go mad in Little India.

Beach Road. Throw in Golden Mile Complex into the shopping mix and you’ll get the best deals for every day items and “weird Thai Food” that is highly authentic. Walk around these areas and you never know which bar you’ll end up in. Rest assured, prices are reasonable.

My 8th Hack for my readers would be…

Bring your own shopping bag! Singapore is heading a Zero Waste initiative and at most supermarkets, they do give a tiny discount for bringing your own grocery bag.

If you’re interested in the Minimalism Community in Singapore, like our Facebook Page and join our growing community!


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