The Mins Game In Singapore

The Minimalists took the world by storm with their 30 day challenge.

An editor at Business Insider gave it a shot and was literally pushed into the abyss of what it means to go through your shit.

In Singapore, we are a bit kiasu in nature. We know it is awesome to live that pristine life seen splayed all over the internet of things, yet, when we start on our personal journeys, the nagging feeling of “what if this is worth cash?” looms over your shoulder.

So, instead of doing a 30 day challenge of REALLY getting rid of those items, this is the Singaporean Version:

  1. Sort your items to the usual template of “Discard”, “Donate”, “Maybes” and “Keep”.
  2. Start to list your “Donate” and “Maybe” piles on Carousell and Facebook Groups. (Tip: Join our community, Minimalism In Singapore, for a directory of places you can sell, swap and donate your items)
  3. Discuss various methodologies for getting the best bang for your buck in our whatsapp group or Facebook Community.
  4. Place all these items in a few boxes which are labelled and easily accessible.
  5. After 30 days, re-evaluate if you really have the need for those items.
  6. On day 31, ruthlessly donate all these items away.

I would love to hear how these steps play out for you! Post a comment or join our community to get encouragement on getting rid of the excess plus emotional support when it comes to the urges to re-purchase.

This post was undoubtedly inspired by all of the members in our community!


2 thoughts on “The Mins Game In Singapore

  1. Good piece. I have another strategy which I use all the time. Sort things into the list above into 3 drawers. Once the drawers are full, take everything out according to their labels & put them where they belong. Do not look or think about how ‘useful’ they are. IF you have not opened the drawer in the last few months the things are there, they are not what you need.

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