5 things I’ve stopped giving a fuck about in 2018

1. Validation

2. TV shows – even Netflix

TV steals your time by entrapping you in a vacuous mind chamber. You don’t need flashing lights to keep you from creating something meaningful.

3. Extremely critical remarks.

There are critical remarks that help you to grow, then there’s the bullshit that strives to bring you down.

I will be scathing to such people. Because I stopped giving a fuck about them validating me.

4. Being shy about asking for better pay or shares to a project

Singapore is an entrepreneurship hub. That means, the gig economy is your worker farm- hostile and impersonal.

5. Perfectionism

I used to think being perfect would help me be liked. Turns out, you just get used as people shift goal posts further away.

However, do strive to better yourself on a daily basis.

Tip: it doesn’t hurt to look put together on a daily basis as well – even whilst walking the dogs.


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