Validation For A Minimalist

Gleaning through a business article on social media on how to spot a talent in a group.  “Someone who has non-conformist traits” is listed to be “a good talent” to a corporate company. Piqued, I wondered if it could apply to us minimalists.

We get obsessed with lists, logic and reason, yet we do not fall into the category of being “normal” by rejecting marketing and advertising. Call us frugal, miserly and a tightwad – our traits have brought us immense freedom.

Is that why we are sought after as “talent”? We find the best ways to get things done while ignoring the meanders along the way that would derail a project. Is that validation enough? I think so.

I am the go-to person when someone needs business development advice, how to create a workable system and thought leadership in a project. However, I still get pushed with “buy this and fit into the group” requests, which I turn down. Yet, I still have a stand in the dynamic. These days, I have no more time and energy for silly drama. Instead, I turn to learning, self awareness and productive conversations to engage socially and bring people to different level. Those who cannot keep up, they will ebb away naturally.

Minimalism is the anti-thesis of validation of society, yet, the simple validation of minimalists being care-free and efficient is immense validation for me.

What is your validation point? What is your value to relationships? Why do people keep you in the loop?




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