10 Weird Lessons from a Singaporean Minimalist

Wake up to walking billboards and silent comparisons on the stuffy, cramped rail towards the business district and you know you are in Singapore.

Frowns of insecurity smear the faces of office ladies as they put on the pressure of buying the next thing that would help them secure a mate or stay in a social group. The silent judgement stains the rest of the day. As compared to Hong Kong and Tokyo, we place less emphasis on a certain brand, but we passively compare our spending ability to the other. The market embraces your sour dissatisfaction.

If your possessions are the crutches to creating relationships, then who are you in the dynamic? What value do you offer to this emotional bond? Why seek fleeting validation from the same group that leaves a bitter taste in your mouth every evening? Why hate yourself?

That is lesson 1: Never allow your material crutches define your relationships.

As I turn 29 later this year, these are my other lessons from life.

Lesson 2: Say no, even to the smallest thing that you do not want in your life.

Lesson 3: Your parents are not the wisest, but stay by them if they did stick by you in tough times.

Lesson 4: Packing lunch from home is not an easy feat, but you can join in team lunch with just an appetizer.

Lesson 5: Stock your snack pantry with loads of healthy snacks and green powder. This helps you power through the day and save loads on eating out.

Lesson 6: Jasmine Green Tea is an awesome go-to for almost any situation.

Lesson 7: Work on having proper relationships – with family, pets and friends that actually text you once in a while.

Lesson 8: Form your own pet project. Even if it isn’t an online business, it can bring you benefits such as a personal brand and an anchor to come back to for self reflection.

Lesson 9: Set ONE actionable and specific goal to hit per year. That helps many things fall into place.

Lesson 10: Wake up early and spend time with yourself.

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2 thoughts on “10 Weird Lessons from a Singaporean Minimalist

  1. I love your words of wisdom! I’m still trying to convince myself that waking up early is good for me, and will be much better than rolling over and going back to bed. It’s a work in progress, but I know so many people have raved about it that I can certainly try it for a week!

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