日志| Why I Journal; Bullet Style

I was a skeptic. “What the heck are these fancy bullet journals going to achieve?”, I’d scorn.

I then watched a video by Bullet Journal and epiphany hit. It basically tells you what to do every single minute.

Sounds awful? Think again.

If you could just brain dump everything you need to accomplish by setting times to them, you’d automatically follow a schedule. It also reduces decision fatigue and increases productivity. The sheer amount of time I’ve wasted is disgusting.

What I benefited from having a Bullet Journal. There was no more:

“What should I do next?” Questions.

Wasted time scrolling through social media.

Not achieving goals you need to sort out to get ahead in life.



Yes, it can be a bit of a pain to plan out the next day every night but it sets you up for knowing what to expect and knowing that you won’t miss the important and urgent tasks. Besides that, you get to customize your journal in a way that resolutions turn to sizable goals and daily habits to improve your well being.

Best of all? You sleep earlier and wake up fresher– because you can look forward to an automated morning routine.

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6 thoughts on “日志| Why I Journal; Bullet Style

  1. Do you still use the Bullet Journal? I tried it for a short period of time, but it “didn’t work for me.” I’m a long time user of planners, but recently started using the basic Moleskine with modifications and found it worked well for my lifestyle.


  2. Yes, being retired DOES give you a new problem that you noted: “loads of time”. That’s why the post on FB (yesterday) was so good – ‘the Minimalist guide to … committing your time…’ GOALS are SO important.

    When you retire, you need goals or you will find other people filling your time for you!!! You have to learn to say NO. To use your quote: “My filter system to saying NO to things that do not serve me.” This was well stated.


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