意 | Goals With Intent

Wouldn’t “目标” (mu biao; target) be more apt for this title? Well, goals are not straight forward targets. They come with journeys that bring you learning curves. Thus, I settled on 意 (yi; intent) as a far more befitting title. Intention will always water your garden, you just need to know what’s the ideal destination while letting go of expectations. One of my intentions over the past 3 years was to improve on my second language – Mandarin Chinese. Why write off a goal from 3 years ago when it still serves a purpose?

Moving on, our second Minimalist meetup was a blast! (Hence featured image)

We had the leader of the London Minimalist Group and author of Live Well With Less, Regina Wong, as a special guest. In addition, a journalist from Business Times SG sat in our meeting as well.

My Goals For 2018 Are Simple:

  1. Get my monthly income to $4000 while letting go of the one income that had been bringing me good money but does not serve my well being anymore.
  2. Get my total savings (minus investments) to $30 000.
  3. Get the hang of trading options at least 3 times a year.
  4. Grow Minimalist Singaporeans to 1000 followers organically.
  5. Less Facebook, more reading of blogs that would benefit me.

Things I am looking forward to in 2018:

  1. More streamlined capsule wardrobe – I’m in the process of having a reasonably monochromatic capsule wardrobe. My first purchase in December was a pair of dark grey jeans from H&M.
  2. More streamlined expenses – I’m preparing to sever my contract plan with my Telco and take up a prepaid one. This would save me $28 per month!
  3. Having a full time remote work employment! (This came in unexpectedly)
  4. Growing the Minimalism community organically while creating good content to help everyone make logical decision before doing a certain activity.
  5. Having a better sense of self and building better relationships with every aspect of my life.



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