You Reap What You Work Your Ass Off For.

I started this year extremely confused as to what do I want to do next in life.

Confusion was fine, the negativity was not.


I blamed my parents for not giving me direction.

I blamed society for being fucked up.

I blamed my ex for screwing my plans over.

I blamed everything that went wrong.

Then I realized that it’s my lack of confidence to take hold of responsibility was the cause of all the sh*t that happened to me.

Sure, I was living it up in my early twenties with a cushy private tutor job (which I walked away from). I educated myself on how finance and economics works. I attended seminars on entrepreneurship and self development, as recommended by my father who wanted the best for us and this was the normal route.

I mean, if we want to know something, go attend workshops and listen to teachers – right?


I knew something was wrong when I was going for all these classes still have no idea how to “adult”. To make things worse, following the path of being a private tutor kept me in a well that did not expose me to growing pains. Well, you get what you wish for.

Fast forward to December 2017,

I have accomplished:

  1. A few gigs in content strategy and marketing
  2. Landed an attractive job offer of being a personal assistant and corporate secretary while working remotely
  3. Landed a few side gigs that are non-compete with each other that allows me to supplement my income
  4. Something new to work on – trading options
  5. My Minimalism Community in Singapore is growing – slowly but surely.

The road was paved with lots of pain and failures (yes, super fast failures) and it led me on a very very steep learning journey. I thought I was not going to make it through the year with some light at the end of the tunnel.

My focus for 2017? Be The Girlfriend You Want Anyone To Deserve.

Yes, I’ve touched on how I do not enjoy stifling relationships, but that was another blockage within me that I am still working on.

I had only 1 goal.

Next steps: Have multiple actionable goals to keep you on track.

You might dawdle and dwindle through certain things, but they leave you as soon as they arrive.

Greatest Accomplishment 

I started to finally understand the value of Time and Presence.

I’ve tried for years to grasp the concept of “why are people who lead a simple life so happy”, and this year, there was an unveiling of many revelations. This year, I’ve met (and dropped) relationships that added (or minused) from my life. My life is precious and so is yours. The reason for your existential depression is from the lack of boundaries and trying to be bloody selfish.

What was your take-away for 2017?  Was it a rough year? Are things falling into place?

If you loved this post and want to discuss further, leave a comment! If you happen to be in Singapore or are interested in joining a Facebook community centered around Minimalism and a simple life, join us here!


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