Coffee &. Skin | DIY Elimination Challenge Kit

Christmas Day was my 13th Day of my NO COFFEE Challenge.

How was it like? Days 1-10 = Breakouts.

Purpose of mini- challenges involving food:

  1. Self Awareness – I found myself becoming very stressed out and moody when I was inhaling coffee on a daily basis
  2. Food Triggers – I found myself gaining weight when I was drinking more than 2 cups of coffee per day. I realised that my adrenal glands were taking a toll due to increased stressed.

When should you do a DIY food elimination challenge:

  1. When you find yourself spiraling into depression more often than usual.
  2. Huge shifts in mood (aka mood swings)
  3. Difficulty losing weight
  4. Putting on weight drastically
  5. Dizziness
  6. Constant migraines
  7. Increased food cravings – especially for very salty or sweet food

How can you create your own DIY food elimination challenge:

  1. Identify any food crutches (e.g chocolate)
  2. Remove that food from your diet for 21 days. Psychologically speaking, it takes 21 days to form a habit.
  3. Journal your mood daily for 21 days and any underlying reasons behind the mood. Best to journal first thing in the morning or at the end of the day. Those times are when you are most susceptible to falling back to comfort zones.

What can these challenges assist you with:

  1. You now have a reasonable record of your relationship with food. This would help your health practitioner if you choose to pursue any health related issues.
  2. It helps you to find out what foods might trigger your moods.
  3. It helps you to reduce your trigger foods and allow you to shift your eating habits to something that suits your lifestyle and improve on social relationships.

If you are a fan of such challenges or choose to embark on one, leave a comment and tell me your story!



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