存在 |Existing.

coffee-pexelsTake 15 seconds to exist today.

Then, try another 15 seconds at meal times.

Did you experience the following?

  • You notice yourself breathing – deeply. (when was the last time you did that?)
  • Less mental noise.
  • Less mindless eating that can lead to huge sugar cravings and crashes.
  • An eerie calmness that brings you to why you are doing what you chose for the day.

We all suffer from the busyness of life. I admit that I love the rush – until my adrenal glands tell me to stop.


I love convenient things. The multitasks I can do in a minute. The addiction to the processed.

Then, comes in creative subtraction.


This month’s edit was a No Coffee challenge

I challenged myself to 21 Days of No Coffee.

The caffeine withdrawals are real.


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