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Mindful eating is a discipline of choosing food that nourish in the long term rather than that something that gives you instant gratification to hunger and regret an hour later.

These are a few tips to keep your food choices as close to a mindful diet as possible, even whilst socializing and travelling (which happens to occur frequently for me)

Identify your body type. You can identify your body type here.

My body type leans towards being an mesomorph. This means that I need to watch my carbohydrate intake as my body would gain fat without keeping extra calories and carbohydrate intake in check. My body type also responds well to exercise, thus I am mindful to include a 15-20 minute workout daily.

Make a list of food to purchase. Your food list needs to be split into categories.

This is my list.


Category 1: Vegetables (More: leafy and green. Less: beans, fruit category vegetables and root vegetables)

Category 2: Fruit (Cucumber,lemons and limes for infused water)

Category 3: Proteins (Almonds, legumes, fish)

[Additional Accents]

Category 1: Sauces for cooking (Choose sauces without MSG and too much oil)

Category 2: Treats! (Choose the healthiest version of your favourite treat. My go-tos are super dark chocolate and mints but I do include oats or oatmeal cookies once in a while.)

Category 3: Wholemeal pasta, brown rice, frozen vegetables, tea, fruit vinegar and coconut water.  (I don’t buy these on a regular basis.)

That’s all!

Fast and easy, stress free grocery shopping that does not eat into your time and waste emotional energy on purchase regrets. Knowing what you is good for your body and giving yourself a nice treat once in a while does help with keeping excess weight off and gives you freedom to be polite when you have to deviate from a healthy diet.

Drop me a comment and write in your tips on how you stay mindful of your eating habits! Especially those who travel!

If you enjoy reading up on how to lead a Minimalist Lifestyle in Singapore, like this page and join our community!



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