寂しい | Loneliness



Position yourself in a place you wish to be and ask yourself – “why am I being sold this dream?”

Loneliness is a growing epidemic, not just in rural areas with acres of rolling lands….but in bustling cities.

“You can be in a crowded room and still feel lonely.” – random overused quote.

The problem with being a city dweller since birth is that the city life is home. Yes, I love space and solitude, but I cannot be in a place where all shops close at 5pm and a deafening silence and darkness descends upon the small town. Nor can I can empathise with someone who loves candlelit nights just because the generator ran out.

My experience living in Spain for a short period of time made me realise how wanting a simpler life does not equate to living in a simpler community. It’s a very romantic dream to sell with “tiny house” living or running away to a deserted island and become a hermit.

But the truth is, a whole ocean of emotions will resurface.

  • Can you handle your emotions that you’ve neglected for years?
  • Would your so called close friends and family be able to be supportive of this “new you” that is unfolding?

Escaping into a dream, a space where you feel and think may help you escape the suffocation of the drudgery of “the machine” may just backfire.

This is when the king wishes he was the pawn, as the pawn wishes he was on a throne.

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.’ – Malvolio, Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare. 



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