Interview – Minimalism Trend By Amanda Cheng

Two weeks ago, I had a message that popped up in my inbox.

Hello there! 🙂

My name is Amanda and I’m a second-year student at NTU’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information. I came across several blogs and posts about minimalism in Singapore recently, including this page, and I have to say that such a lifestyle really piqued my interest and intrigued me because it is something that is still so rarely practised in Singapore and a way of life that really requires so much discipline!

I am actually really interested in writing about the rising trend of minimalism in Singapore as part of my journalism module. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to schedule an interview with you, or with any other members who might be keen to share their experiences of a minimalist lifestyle? I wouldn’t mind travelling anywhere that would be convenient for you!

I look forward to your reply, and thank you so much in advance! And thank you for all the insights your page has to offer! 🙂

Warmest regards

Three fateful days later, we had our interview at Thai Express.

No frills but also no holds barred. Zealous to know more, Amanda was well prepared with over 20 questions. Our two hour discourse was well spent.

Amanda also had the chance to meet up with 3 other minimalists in Singapore:

Download this PDF to read her full write up.

Minimalism Trend Story


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