Dostadning- Swedish Death Cleaning.


Bloody crime scene of one of the infamous Chicago Nurse

Credit: Richard Speck crime scene, Chicago, 1966.

What is it: Decluttering before you die.

Why you do it: It comes from the existential thought as one ages – “Would my family and friends want all my stuff?”

What it leads to: Logical reasoning of how much cost your family and friends would have to bear to store your stuff after your passing.

How do you do it:

  1. Don’t start with sentimental items! You’ll get caught up in memories and not get much done.
  2. Keep a notebook of passwords for family members to retrieve
  3. Give away the nice things that you don’t want to use or keep anymore
  4. Keep only ONE BOX of sentimental items that matter to you. Label this to be TOSSED upon death.

I find very interesting on how many ways Minimalism can be perceived and marketed towards different age groups based on how they are thinking and feeling in a certain age group.

Essentially, minimalism is going back to knowing how to streamline your life.

Would you want to deal with all your shit? If your answer is no, the answer is the same for your family.

If your answer is yes. Ask yourself, “Would I want to deal with my family’s stuff if they passed on?”

If your answer is yes, start seeing their stuff as your stuff. There is no more lines nor responsibility to care for those items, even if they are not dead.


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