First MIS Meetup

MIS first meetup


This month was pretty eventful for us! Read more to find out what was discussed during the gathering.


Location: Millennia Walk

Time: 6pm

We first gathered outside Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Ben and I found some benches on the second floor. Honestly, I expected a smaller turn out of 3. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

Final Head Count at 7.45pm: 9 attendees.

It was a great casual gathering where we got to know each other better and that there IS a mini-movement of minimalism in Singapore. I’m glad.

Who turned up:

  • Ben, a minimalist for 10 years.
  • Catherine, who is from Sydney but have been living in Singapore for 6 years. She started out moving from apartment to apartment with 40 boxes! It has reduced since then, but she’s keen to keep on reducing her items.
  • A special couple who are BOTH minimalists! It’s always awesome when a couple is on the same page with the abstract values of life and living arrangements. They shared plenty on how to carefully designed their marital home- minimalist style.
  • Kamil, a dual resident of UK and Singapore. He discovered epiphanies in minimalism after life took a sharp turn.
  • Joan, Kamil’s friend. They were both searching for a Minimalist support group for a year and a half.
  • Skye. A progressive minimalist who just shifted to a new apartment and is busy curating his life.
  • Jessica, Ben’s niece. A curious onlooker who wanted to learn more.
  • Myself! A minimalist because I prefer a streamlined lifestyle.

Topics we touched upon:

• Dealing with not wanting to receive physical gifts
• How to consciously purchase items that are both multi-functional and aesthetically pleasing
• Dealing with sentimental items and the art of letting go.
• Personal journeys into minimalism
• How to reduce digital clutter
• How to reduce screen time while at social gatherings


Heaving a sigh of satisfaction, we ended a 2.5h session with adding new members and the curious ones into the Whatsapp Group Chat.

Join us for our next meetup in December! Watch this space.


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