Minimalist Opinion – Zero Waste


Credit: One of Facebook’s Zero Waste Groups

My Minimalist Strategy Question

“What course of action would be most utilitarian for your current situation?”

You’d be thinking, what triggered such a post? 6 out of 7 days, I actively support zero waste movements. Well, I try. Then I come across posts such as the image above.

I am an advocate of not using more than what you need. However, I am also an advocate of rational thinking. Think > Strategize > Act.

What I support about the zero waste movement

  • It helps us to be more conscious about how much we discard
  • It helps me get creative with what I need to use at that point in time
  • It saves me money and time

What I do not support about the zero waste movement

  • Some people think they are saving the Earth, when they are using other resources in place. (Using own tumblers and transferring bubble tea into a bowl etc just makes things worse with water usage)
  • Being dogmatic about “no packaging”. No packaging is good when the good would not be contaminated if it is without a package.
  • It gets unhygienic. The whole process of progression is to prevent unsanitary conditions. Refer to the case above.
  • People act before thinking. This highly emotional topic causes illogical decisions to be made.

Before you paint me as the bad cop, I’ve also chosen more then enough choice examples to depict how much rational effort our fellow Singaporeans have put in to reduce waste!

Examples of what I support about the zero waste movement





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