The side income

Credit: buenos tours

Many have asked or read up on side income. I am one who is never reliant on one income stream, ever since I discovered the flexibility of active and passive income streams.

Mind you, I’m still at a phase where I’m not on top of my financial assets as I would like to be, but I’m actively working towards it.

Recently I’ve taken the leap to list my pre-loved items online and sell them off super cheaply as compared to them being donated.

1. It’s another social experiment for myself to take new leaps and to observe the market.

2. It helps me write nice content for my used items which I didn’t put any emotional weight on. It was a way of giving gratitude towards the time they have served me.

3. I don’t list my things for free because I’d rather get cash for my items or donate them so that another who really needs them (illusory item appreciation) vs someone who is just plain cheap.

As it’s not a real business but just another outlet to remove the non-essentials, I don’t stress myself over if anyone is interested in my items or not.

That peace of mind is amazing– therapeutic almost.

Although we all need active income to cover our expenses, diversify your risk and view your cash flows as hobbies. That way, stress won’t eat you up, but keep you in check with how focused you really are at building on different career paths and keeping in line with your value system.



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