I own zero things



I find it ironic when Minimalists bring up the number of items they own. The idea of minimalism is akin to stoicism, yet, the approach to each philosophy is arguably subjective to the perceiver.

However, they both lead down the path of least resistance– i.e. Contentment.

The irony of counting items–

The first irony comes from the competition itself. It's not about the number of items, but the meaning they bring. Even if you own 20 items and still are unhappy or jealous, you need to audit your life.

The second irony is that, things tend to own their owners. You need to take care of the things you use.

The purpose behind an item lifts that baggage of give and take. When said item has a justification of utility and actionable efficacy in your life, that's when there is a balance of give and take.

The emotional play of the Marie Kondo Approach to quelling asceticism and it's severe disciplinary mindset comes in handy, even essential.

Perhaps Marie Kondo's approach of thanking items and dressing up to declutter may seem frivolous but that's a creative's approach to taking clutter clearing seriously. It's a mindfulness practice and the militant approach to brutal decluttering can be overwhelming, leading own down the path of cynicism.

With that said, Minimalism is never a competition. If you're in this lifestyle to compete, step back and minimize the ego voice.

That's the dust that settles daily.


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