Minimalist App Games

Are the bane of my existence!

I candidly believe that there’s no such thing as a minimalistic app game. The only app game you should play is to be mindful when downloading apps.

I recently downloaded this offline, simple game called Twenty. It’s a number matching game that grows in difficulty as you match number blocks.

Thought 1: It’s amazing how minimalistic this is! One rule and it doesn’t drain my data!

A month of playing ensued.

Thought 2: It’s pretty challenging. This is fun. I really like how I can fill my time with such a simple game.

Two months passed.

By month three, this game became an obsession. I realized I was ignoring my priorities and wasting my time with this game.

I deleted this game 3 days ago, as well as reviewed the apps I’ve not utilized in a month.

I found my minimalistic travel game in writing.

The passion I promised myself to work on, and it has been bringing immense value into my personal growth and work.


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