Empty My Cup.



Today was a day that I accomplished two significant tasks that I never dreamt of doing nor achieving.

I woke up bleary eyed at 8.30 am and turned to social media to keep myself awake.

Firstly, I bravely nudged my fellow minimalists to expand our following on Facebook. It evolved into a whatsapp chat

Secondly, I called out a business partner on personal issues that would compromise a project.

“Empty your cup,” I nudged. I was close to a snarl- a habit formed from years of impatience.

Thanks to episodes of pod casts by The Minimalists, it was almost a reflex to reflect and stay calm. There is nothing meaningful to anger, nor conflict. Nor will my advice make an impact by force. It took me years to realize that people are meant to be nurtured, not filed down into boxes.

Today left me with a twinge of humility mixed with a sense of accomplishment. Humility because I appreciate how we are all trying to fit intangible pieces together. The sense of accomplishment come from co-learning and not tearing each other apart.





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