Building A Capsule Wardrobe 

Warm autumn colours

Credit: Pinterest; Warm Autumn Colours


Before you build a capsule wardrobe of boring pieces that match your home decor, read this! We have been sold to the idea of French Chic and how effortless we can look once we have our Parisian capsule wardrobe patted down.

Before you build a personalised capsule wardrobe, know yourself. I’d recommend a “know your style” quiz.

Next, find out what suits your lifestyle.

  1. Weather wise
  2. Work wise
  3. Social group wise

I live in a country where is the weather is stable all year round. The only tweaks in weather is that we have the monsoon seasons. That doesn’t really affect my wardrobe changes too much.

I do freelance work so my wardrobe is mainly smart casual.

Thirdly, know your skin tone!

Take this quiz to know which season you fit in. If you are in a job that requires you to meet people daily, please get this professionally done. An image consultant would help you build an appropriate capsule wardrobe that would save you loads in the long run.

Using these 3 pieces of advice, you have a template on:

What colors suit you best

Which styles suit you best

Which clothes you would need according to your country’s climate

Last but not least, know your measurements and body shape. Then dress accordingly.

I won’t promise you that you’ll have a Parisian Chic closet, but you’ll have your peace of mind.


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