What Makes A Minimalist Minimal?

Image result for spartan room

Credits: Flicker, Marcel Fischer

My Whatsapp group called The Minimalist Singaporeans are an excellent bunch and growing in size!

Today’s question was poised at:

Minimalist vs Essentialist, which would you relate to more and why?

My take was that Minimalism is an umbrella term, under that umbrella, we have sub-ideologies such as Essentialism, Frugality etc.

It’s like making coffee. No one can really tell you what a real simple brew of coffee is that would suit the taste bud of the drinker. Do all minimalists only savor black coffee? Nope.

We all can hold a common consensus, though.

We are all paring down to the “important stuff”. It is the path of Editing that enlightens us to what we can define as something with meaning in our lives. An Essentialist may only live on the bare necessities in life, but at that spartan state– is one truly happy?



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