Living, not counting.

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“Please be more understanding”- was a stark comment that struck me after I posted a very distinct question in one of the groups on Facebook on what topics were most of them think are “over” discussed.

My beef with Minimalism communities on Facebook is that the discussions tend to revolve around “How do I clear my stuff”, rather than life after purging. I can empathise that most people are constantly working on clearing the clutter and “stuff”.

But that leaves little room for minimalists who have already pared their items down to their requirements.

Yes, I am being understanding. But my concern is driven towards those who wish to discuss more about how they felt after paring down their items. For those of you seeking talking points behind post-purge phases, feel free to ask yourselves these questions:

How did you change?

What were your existential crises like?

What did you regret getting rid of?

Did you feel happier?

How did your partners and social groups react?

What did you discover about yourself?

What items do you focus more on nowadays?

The dogma of Minimalism tend to revolve on the “number of things” you own on the surface level. Ultimately, it is an arbitrary digit. The imaginary value of minimalism, disguised as self-discipline and living light.

The truth is, if you are constantly counting, you are not happy.

We wanted to be more focused, mindful and intentional with living your life. Revolve your actions around those foundation vernacular.



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