Network Without A Name card


Yep, Name cards.

Some people insist upon them, but everyone ignores them, even the ones you go the extra mile to get.


They are practically as memorable as flyers on the street. We live in a world where we have learnt ADHD syndrome. We are so used to information being served to us daily, we forget to search for things. In fact, some people even use their Facebook statuses as a google search engine and forum.

Taking a leaf from this article by, I’ve highlighted the few major pointers on how to network better without a name card.

Step 1

Either take their card, write down their email address or number, or have them email you from their smart phone on the spot.

Step 2

Always follow up with an email within a few days after the event with something:

  • Useful
  • Personal
  • Amusing

This way, there is a personal touch to your initial meeting as well as something to remember you by.


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