Live Out Of A Suitcase


Sometimes, it is only when you lose everything, that you find freedom.

I’ve always been slightly obsessed with the concept of living out of the suitcase. I was first inspired when I read an article similar to this. I have been travelling rather frequently these few months for business, and travelling has stroked the fire to live out of a suitcase.

First of all, it makes things so much easier. You know you have your “home” with you.

Secondly, making space in your luggage becomes another mini-minimalist game. The souvenirs I get for family and friends are usually accessories or food. My personal souvenirs include clothes or other practical items that I will use repeatedly.

Thirdly, you become more conscious of what you can do with a single item. Make sure most items have multiple uses. Extras are also usable or really helpful in most situations.

Lastly, I find that when you challenge yourself to NOT have a check in luggage and carry everything with you– you realise how much you are carrying. Why let stuff bog you down?  Embrace moments and memories, and not the things that own you.


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3 thoughts on “Live Out Of A Suitcase

  1. Spending approximately 8 years as an undergraduate and grad student, I developed a similar philosophy in what to carry in a book bag – no backpacks back then. Slowly, my philosophy got reduced to: “You should be able to run you academic career from you book bag.”

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  2. Just another way of saying ‘less distractions’. I had a grad student from South Korea who had mastered this. She was a great inspiration to me with how little she needed. I learned more good study habits from her than all the years I was in academia.


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