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Welcome to my humble blog of specially curated content for living the minimalist lifestyle in Singapore. You may read more about why I decided to be a minimalist here. Below are only of posts that are recent and relevant posts on minimalism, with a Singaporean twist.

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My Possessions

The Things I Own

All my other blog posts

Minimalist Living in Singapore

7 Minimalist Hacks In Singapore

5 Places Anyone Can Introvert In The Heart of Singapore

Singaporeans are incapable of sharing, just like anyone else.

An Interview with Singapore’s Marie Kondo.

The Social Space | The Kind Introvert’s Dream Cafe


Do minimalists really hate stuff?

Rate of Regret

Whittle Down Your Wedding


Interview – Minimalism Trend By Amanda Cheng

The Pursuit of Less | Business Times Feature

The Big Question: Could the secret of happiness lie in learning to enjoy more with less? | Money FM 89.3

Channel News Asia: Money Mind Interview 2018/2019 Ep 2

Annual Reviews



5 things I’ve stopped giving a fuck about in 2018

86 days to 2019

Personal Development

What type of minimalist are you according to your MBTI

8 Steps Towards Finding Yourself

What Makes A Minimalist Minimal?

10 Weird Lessons from a Singaporean Minimalist

Validation For A Minimalist

The Grass Won’t Be Greener On Either Side.

You do not have to be a minimalist to enjoy the perks of minimalism.

[Guest Blog] The Importance of Time by Ben Liu

How To Millennial- Think Like Sherlock

Quality Decisions

Minimalism for the Introvert

Raise your standards. Lower your expectations.

An Easier Life in 3 Steps


Business Travel Essentials of a Minimalistia

7 Steps To Building Your Own Capsule Wardrobe

Have Yourself A Minimalist Winter

Physical Clutter

A music buff sells her CDs

Living, not counting.

The Mins Game In Singapore


The side income

A Minimalist’s Privilege.

A Minimalist’s Basic Currency

Personal Branding Both Destroyed Me And Made Me A Better Minimalist

I turned my goals into habits and it brought me more leads than ever.

Minimalism Isn’t About Sipping Tea and Writing Blogs

Become A Minimalist Strategist in 60 seconds.

Teach, because you want to.

Teaching Special Needs Children Led Me To Be A Better Minimalist.


The Environmental Debate of Cups

Life Edited | Mindful Eating

Coffee &. Skin | DIY Elimination Challenge Kit

The Life of Less Convenience

The Choice of Missing Out

Christmas is a reminder for slow eating


Childless Parenting


Dostadning- Swedish Death Cleaning.

Raising Children To Have A Minimalist Mindset


4 lessons on the commonly misplaced luxury of being able to shop

10 ways I cut my monthly costs over 4 years

3 increased expenses that I’m not ashamed of.

Relinquishing Financial Control

Questions from the Internet

Q&A on Quora | A Productive Lifestyle

Minimalism Related Eco Movements

5 Lessons a Minimalist can learn from a Freegan.

5 reasons why I do not choose to be a zero-waster.

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Book Reviews

Book Review | The Little Book of Clarity by Jamie Smart


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