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Welcome to my humble blog of specially curated content for living the minimalist lifestyle in Singapore. You may read more about why I decided to be a minimalist here. Below are only of posts that are recent and relevant posts on minimalism, with a Singaporean twist.

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My Possessions

The Things I Own

Bucket list: Shit to do before I die

All my other blog posts

MIS Events (or related)

2 Free Events in conjunction with Philosophy of Life on 30 May and 1 June 2019

March 2019|MIS x Happiness Initiative

Second MIS Meet Up

First MIS Meetup

Join us on 29 October at Millenia Walk!


20 Reasons Why Millennials in Singapore are choosing Minimalism

Minimalist Living in Singapore

Going Cashless in Singapore

7 Minimalist Hacks In Singapore

5 Places Anyone Can Introvert In The Heart of Singapore

Singaporeans are incapable of sharing, just like anyone else.

An Interview with Singapore’s Marie Kondo.

The Social Space | The Kind Introvert’s Dream Cafe


Do minimalists really hate stuff?

Rate of Regret

Whittle Down Your Wedding

How To Shop Online

Surviving A Quarantine As A Minimalist

Were you prepared to face your inner demons?


Interview – Minimalism Trend By Amanda Cheng

The Pursuit of Less | Business Times Feature

The Big Question: Could the secret of happiness lie in learning to enjoy more with less? | Money FM 89.3

Channel News Asia: Money Mind Interview 2018/2019 Ep 2

Annual Reviews



5 things I’ve stopped giving a fuck about in 2018

86 days to 2019

A Look back on 2020

Child Free Minimalism in Singapore

Childless Parenting

The Decision To Be Child-Free

Minimalist DINK Life | Tripping Around Cambodia

Personal Development

What type of minimalist are you according to your MBTI

8 Steps Towards Finding Yourself

What Makes A Minimalist Minimal?

10 Weird Lessons from a Singaporean Minimalist

Validation For A Minimalist

The Grass Won’t Be Greener On Either Side.

You do not have to be a minimalist to enjoy the perks of minimalism.

[Guest Blog] The Importance of Time by Ben Liu

How To Millennial- Think Like Sherlock

Quality Decisions

Minimalism for the Introvert

Raise your standards. Lower your expectations.

An Easier Life in 3 Steps


8 Things You Need To Know Before Becoming An Aesthetic Minimalist.

Will a minimalist get pissed off?


Business Travel Essentials of a Minimalistia

7 Steps To Building Your Own Capsule Wardrobe

Have Yourself A Minimalist Winter

Physical Clutter

A music buff sells her CDs

Living, not counting.

The Mins Game In Singapore


The side income

A Minimalist’s Privilege.

A Minimalist’s Basic Currency

Personal Branding Both Destroyed Me And Made Me A Better Minimalist

I turned my goals into habits and it brought me more leads than ever.

Minimalism Isn’t About Sipping Tea and Writing Blogs

Become A Minimalist Strategist in 60 seconds.

Teach, because you want to.

Teaching Special Needs Children Led Me To Be A Better Minimalist.

Ditch Goal Setting

How to not forget to get sh*t done


The Environmental Debate of Cups

Life Edited | Mindful Eating

Coffee &. Skin | DIY Elimination Challenge Kit

The Life of Less Convenience

The Choice of Missing Out

Christmas is a reminder for slow eating

Millennial Burnout is overrated. 

Using Trello to avoid excessive food stock ups



Dostadning- Swedish Death Cleaning.

Raising Children To Have A Minimalist Mindset


What Is Successful Investing?

4 lessons on the commonly misplaced luxury of being able to shop

10 ways I cut my monthly costs over 4 years

3 increased expenses that I’m not ashamed of.

Relinquishing Financial Control

Questions from the Internet

Q&A on Quora | A Productive Lifestyle

Minimalism Related Eco Movements

5 Lessons a Minimalist can learn from a Freegan.

5 reasons why I do not choose to be a zero-waster.

Book Reviews

Book Review | The Little Book of Clarity by Jamie Smart

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