Seek and Hide


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This blog is mainly dedicated to my students that I have taught over the years. Thank you for all the lessons you have taught me while I was teaching you the prerequisite academia that was “so called” needed to “succeed in life”.

Through teaching, I bonded with many of my students as equals. I taught them that although academia is important, it is not what is required to truly survive. My interaction with students for over eight years have shown me a repeated pattern that has led to a huge first world problem– The existential crisis.

This is what this blog is about.

We are given a body, mind and spirit of arbitrary uses. We were not defined for a certain usage, unlike things. We start to form an identity, then we are told we are not supposed to. However, to survive in this world, you need that identity.

How do you keep on creating your identity as you evolve and truly live in this absurd world?